Sentratek and its members will work with you and your staff to develop various Job Aids to ensure that the best chemical related or process related outcomes are achieved as part of your overall hygiene program. Our company is committed to service excellence are available on a 24/7 basis when you urgently require back-up, technical support or on-site assistance.

Advisory and Technical Support

As no two companies are alike, we provide specialist Consultancy services to identify each clients particular requirements and produce technical and engineered solutions aligned to the specific needs of their business as well as developing job aids to assist with process and other stated hygiene objectives.

Application Engineers

The development of our Sentratek Shield Range of technologies was undertaken by a team of specialists who are available to offer advice, conclude designs or forward Standard procedures for process cleaning requirements in various industries.Our support team offers our clients confident and cost effective options when choosing their chemical products and equipment supplier.

Don Mackay                          Shield Range Technical Support All Industries
Grant Whitaker                     Shield Operations SSA,  
Peter Newton                       Brewing Process Management, Raw Materials and Water Treatment Systems
Ali Maynard                          Dairy and Brewing Technology
John Raffan                         Shield Industrial Chemical Range, Caustic Raw Materials
Stijn Willems                        Shield Institutional Ranges

Analytics and Technology

At Sentratek we offer our customers access to accredited Laboratories for:

Chemical, Soil and Microbiological Analysis,
Sentratek Research and Development Laboratory,
Water Analysis,
Pathogen Identification,
Micro Analysis,
Chemical Analysis,
New Product Development,
Enhanced Imagery and Soil Identification,
FEA Testing and Reporting,
VWS Envig Laboratory South Africa -Water and Wastewater Analysis,
Survey Studies on Water and Wastewater Qualities,
Analysis of Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resins,
Pilot and Bench Scale Testing of Water and Wastewater Processes.

Site Based Consignment Stock Holding 

We have local in-country business units with extensive local stock and bulk raw material holdings to give our clients support in the event of an emergency and can also advise, consult, fabricate & install the latest cleaning equipment dedicated to all your plant demands.

Equipment Rentals

We can offer a variety of rental options that are available which are easy, environmentally responsible and economical to maintain.

Cost Management

Managing costs is a priority for all businesses in current economic times.To this end, we have, using years of experience developed Best Practice methodology to control chemical in solution to optimize the efficacy of the chemical application. Our dedicated technical sales personnel passionately develop tools that integrate with our clients' systems to monitor closely in-use costs and establish controls that ensure budgets are met and quality is assured.

All of this is supported by a supply chain team that constantly monitors all aspects that influence our ability to maintain competitive market related pricing for the Shield Speciality Chemical Product Range. Sourcing and buying raw commodities demands a constant forward view to keep input costs at levels which maintain control, we constantly engage with our clients at all levels to develop, share and structure saving opportunities for sustainable long term mutual benefit.

Reporting Systems

We can create and provide detailed client specific chemical usage reports, reflecting usage of chemicals and costs against budget and/or production output units.

Please ask your Shield, WPM or Sentratek Technology Consultant for more details in this regard.