Sentratek holds stock in the form of a large variety of handwashing stations, washroom solutions and first aid accessories for a safe working environment. We work closely together with our clients to ensure a successful hand washing and sanitizing system that is standardised in line with cost-effective, world-class expectations.  

We verify our dispensers with regular site visits, checking that dispensers work efficiently and are always stocked. For our food specialist processing facilities, restaurants and laundries we offer a full training programme with post training verification.

Ideal for high traffic areas such as access control points into food processing facilities, passport control counters at airports, lift entrances, hospitals, kindergartens and handwashing basins in kitchens.

The advantage of the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers is that no personal contact is encountered with the dispenser – thus ideal in reducing the risk of cross contamination between the person sanitizing their hands and the dispenser.The Hand Sanitizer is sold in individual sachets.

We stock a full range of bulk fill as well as sachet type dispensers. We have available three types of sachet dispensers with the following type of hand washing detergents:

Foam soap for high traffic restrooms -  Perfumed hand wash detergent - Non-perfumed hand wash detergent for food processing areas 

 We stock sterile eye wash and pH neutralizer systems that are wall mounted for the improved and quick reaction to an accidental eye injury caused by chemicals.