Sentratek Namibia On Premise Laundry

On Premise Laundry:

Sentratek currently services the following types of laundry markets from Namibia:

Medical Facilities,
Hotels & Lodges,
Contract Cleaning Firms,
Government Institutions.

We carry a range of powders and liquids for laundry – depending on customer requirements and also supply bulk 10kg and 25kg pack sizes to the Retail Market. Our one-shot powder and liquid detergents.

All laundry chemicals sold by us have been extensively tested in the field and we continually research new chemical applications for the laundry industry.All our commercial powders are free from salt – ensuring that clients receive true value for their money. We also conduct a laundry survey of the client’s facilities to provide the correct powder for the correct application. We carefully look at machine type, weight, and ancillary equipment; after these audits we will issue you with a site report and will then recommend the correct product being either powder or liquid and train your staff on correct dosages and use thereof.

As the industry is affected by energy shortages as well as increased water and effluent costs – the correct detergent can drastically reduce these costs when applied to our professional recommendations.

Steps to a successful wash process are not covered by chemical alone but are dependent on a whole host of other parameters like washing contact times, temperatures and mechanical action as well as water and linen quality – Sentratek Namibia will give you the necessary guidance and advice on how to ensure that your wash processes are well managed.

Clients using our washing powder can reduce current laundry chemical consumptions with up to 50% in certain instances.

Our range of specialist laundry detergents are safe to use while still maintaining optimal whiteness of your linen. We ensure a one pass wash result through our unique wash process that balances correct temperature, chemical dosing per ml and wash times for a one pass result - every time.

Our liquid-liquid dosing technology comes second to none and is easily maintained on remote sites and is very cost effective in use.