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Sentratek has identified the need for cost-effective and safe to use chemicals for this industry. We carry a range of green degreasers for Degreasing equipment, Workshops, Drilling rigs and other Engineering requirements. 

Automotive Applications

We stock a full range of Automotive Products such as:

Wax based detergent for vehicles,
Neutral truck wash detergents,
Heavy duty tarpaulin cleaners,
Anti tobacco air fresheners,
Upholstery shampoos,
Tyre and dashboard polishes.

We also carry a diverse range of water based and solvent degreasers.


We carry a range of Hand cleaners and Barrier creams for employees either dispensed through cost-effective dispensing equipment or in ready to use 5kg packs.

Our Reinol range of Hand cleaners are 100% biodegradable, pleasing to use (not harsh on skin) and are suitable for on and off-site applications. 


All our listed products are free from harmful carcinogens (cancer causing agents) as we believe in a safe and sustainable environment. The key of any Engineering business is its employees and hence the chemical must safe to use. To supplement our chemical range we carry also stock Safety Equipment such as disposable mouth masks, safety glasses, paper products and cleaning tools.

All our chemicals for this industry are manufactured in ISO 9001 approved facilities, and slot into your Health and Safety System as we backup our product with full staff training, proportioning equipment and full Product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).