Sentratek Namibia Hospital Medical Services

Sentratek can cover your entire hygiene and sanitization requirements in the Medical Services Industry.

We have an extensive range of products to keep your patients safe in your sterile operating theatres as well as ensuring your wards are clean and have clean white, sanitized linen.

Food Safety

Our Food Safety Program covers your kitchen with a range of approved detergents and sanitizers – backed by our dosing equipment that ensures that your detergent is the correct concentration and also ensuring sanitizer effectiveness.We test dishwashers extensively to ensure that all tableware is thermally and chemically sanitized.

Handcare Sanitizers

Our range of sachet hand washing products and hand sanitizers are manufactured and sealed in an ISO 9001 approved facility ensuring hands are washed with a product free from contaminants as opposed to bulk fill hand soap dispensers that can cause the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Hospital Laundry Services

Hospital laundry is an essential component of a successful medical institution. Sentratek will ensure correct detergent dosages and sanitation in the wash wheel – thus ensuring linen is free from bacteria and viruses. We report back to the laundry supervisor on the mechanical condition of each washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing press. We also have the necessary experience to rectify fault findings in your laundry.


Keeping in mind a hospital floor always makes a lasting impression we carry a range of non slip acrylic polymers to seal and sustain floors as well as carpet shampoo, perfumed cleaners/disinfectants and neutral detergents to maintain your floors.

Utensils and Cleaning Equipment

We also stock a range of color coded cleaning equipment for the entire hygiene requirements of the hospital premises.


Our Chemical Safety and Application Training and our Good Manufacturing Processes Management Training for the Kitchen and Laundry are offered exclusively to our clients in the Medical Industry.