Sentratek Namibia Contract Cleaning Care

Sentratek provides chemical and bulk supply contracts to Contract cleaners across most Industry sectors.

In addition to being a supplier to most Contract cleaning establishments we also stock a complete range of cleaning chemicals for the professional cleaning contractor, backed by labeled containers for reuse as well as cleaning equipment such as floor care scrubbers, carpet cleaners, microfiber mopping systems and vacuum machines.

Sentratek firmly believes that the safety of contract cleaners are important – we regularly conduct site visits of contract cleaner sites – looking out for slip hazards, clean and appealing restrooms and specialist processes that might be required by contract cleaners client requirements.

Our wide kaleidoscope of cleaning products can be specifically suited to each site – be it from a food processing plant, mine or 5-star hotel.

We carry a range of ergonomic cleaning utensils imported from Denmark, that reduce environmental impact, save up to 12’000 litres of water per annum on a 6’300 square meter area and save on cleaning time at customer sites.

We have a comprehensive hygiene dosing system that can dilute chemicals from the clients main store and be transported to each site using a reusable buddy jug system – the operator would then refill their spray bottle for applicable cleaning tasks.