Sentratek Namibia Open Plant Cleaning

The food and beverage market requires a high level of consistency in product quality, safety and taste and does not afford any room for error in the manufacturing process as substandard products may put at risk the brand reputation and revenues of the manufacturer.

The manufacturing environment presents significant challenges to hygiene as it entails a variety of different processes and equipment which generate a range of soils unique to each application which will require industry tailored detergents and sanitizers. After production, manufacturing and food contact surfaces all need to be cleaned and sanitized prior to restarting production to ensure an acceptable level of hygiene and cleanliness thereby assuring final product quality and safety.

The above-mentioned cleaning processes are commonly known in the industry as Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) and are usually carried out with low-pressure foaming equipment as this is the most cost effective way of applying OPC chemicals.
Proper cleaning and sanitation can only be achieved by a synergistic combination of specialty chemicals and purpose designed equipment which is backed by our experience with various centralized, decentralized and mobile systems as per client requirements.

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