Sentratek Namibia Conveyor Lubrication

Sentratek has been at the forefront of Conveyor Lubrication product and systems since 1994.

Slatband Conveyor Lubrication Systems are used to lubricate conveyors or chains used for the transporting containers (PET or glass bottles, cans, crates etc.) within bottling/filling plants. Proper lubrication is essential to the speed as well as to the output and overall profitability of the filling lines.

Sentratek teams on site ensures that their optimized lubrication systems save on energy, water and effluent costs while still ensuring efficient, high line speeds and overall hygienic conditions of conveyors. The product objective is to reduce the friction occurring between the base of the product container and the top of the conveyor which, in turn, reduces the power consumption of the conveyor motors and reduces the overall wear on the slatband conveyors.

Sentratek provides a range of fatty acid- and synthetic-based products for aqueous lubrication as well as new hybrid lubrication products in conjunction with effective monitoring and dosing systems.

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