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CIP operations play a key role in the automated cleaning cycle and total hygiene regime in Food & Beverage facilities.
CIP systems typically clean tanks, pipelines, processing equipment and process lines by circulating water and chemical solutions through the system, making it unnecessary to dismantle or manually clean elements with brushes, thereby improving on the total cleaning efficacy as higher temperatures and stronger detergents can be used in CIP systems than in manual cleaning.

Sentratek’s expertise lies in closed loop single-use, reuse, multi-use systems, manual, semi –automated and fully automated as well as centralized and decentralized systems.

Increasing production, water, energy and chemical costs have necessitated that sustainable new solutions are provided to our clients to save costs in these areas.

New and improved chemical approaches deliver tangible benefits over traditional detergents and in many cases provide a higher standard of cleaning in a shorter period of time using a great deal less energy.

These new chemical formulations allow for single stage cleaning and disinfection at ambient temperatures and are even suitable to be used in CO₂ pressurized systems.

Sentratek has also been closely liaising with its clients and affiliated technology partners in developing CIP systems that make use of air with only limited quantities of water and chemical cleaners, thereby further saving on water, detergents, and energy.

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