Sentratek Namibia Bottle Washing

Returnable bottles reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment and as such are still a preferred mode of cost-effective beverage packaging.

Bottle washing is the process employed to ensure physically and biologically clean returnable bottles, removing all old product residues, foreign objects, labels, glue and other dirt and thus produce a commercially sterile, sparkling clean bottle fit for filling.

While some consumers use bottles for purposes for which they are not intended, they nevertheless expect to purchase their beverages in clean, aesthetically pleasing containers. The beverages must have the expected and desired taste and even the slightest hygiene inaccuracy during the filling process may possibly jeopardize the brand reputation and safety of the product.

Bottle washing may initially seem to be a simple and easy task to accomplish; however, in actual practice it is far more challenging. Bottle washing has evolved into a highly automated process that requires a thorough understanding of many mechanical as well as chemical technical issues which can be very site or soil specific.

Sentratek has over the years accumulated a vast amount of experience in African bottle washing operations to not only clean and disinfect bottles but to also extend bottle life in reducing commercial glass waste caused by production line scuffing and breakages. 

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