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The Sentratek Group since 1994 has been designing and developing specialized dosing and control equipment to service our clients’ Process  management needs.

Our full range of Food and Beverage Process equipment is marketed and maintained under the Dosatech label which has earned a reputation as quality cost effective and long lasting equipment which is suitably designed and rated for operation in Africa.

We are fortunate to be in a position to provide design and supply projects to most Process requirements in partnership with our Group Engineering offices

The Dosatech Systems are specifically engineered for Food, Brewing, Dairy, Beverage and Pharmaceutical plants where strict adherence dosing parameters as well as water conservation are of primary importance.

Our Dosatech Equipment Range includes

Plant Design & Manufacture,
Open Plant Cleaning Systems,
Automated CIP and Filler Foaming Systems,
Chain lubricant doing and CIP systems,
Central Plant Foaming and Rinse Systems,
Crate Rinsing Systems,
Caustic Hydration Plants,
Automated Control systems,
Waste Water Recovery Systems,
Ozone / U.V. Disinfection Systems

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